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Who We Are



Danielle Giroux

Dani has been dedicated to saving the most vulnerable animal lives in our community for 10+ years. Through her volunteer work at various municipal shelters and non-profit organizations, she discovered her passion in life.


She started fostering in 2014 where she focused on caring for the most fragile of lives, neonatal and special needs cats and dogs. Through this intense level of care, she expanded her knowledge of medical procedures and needs. While as a dog caregiver, she quickly learned the daily operations required of her local municipal shelter. To better serve the dogs she cared for, she began taking a multitude of dog behavior classes.


She currently manages a feral cat colony and uses her care to educate the public on community cats. She is a huge proponent for Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) and spaying and neutering to reduce the homeless pet population.


To date, she has saved over 400 lives through fostering and over 200 lives through TNR. 


To increase her life-saving impact Dani formed the 501c3 nonprofit organization, The Runaways Animal Rescue. Despite facing the trials and tribulations of starting a not for profit during a worldwide global pandemic, she successfully led the organization in saving the lives of over 400 animals in 10 short months.


She believes every animal is worth fighting for and that they all deserve loving forever homes. She looks forward to building more relationships throughout the community and creating a bigger impact on animal lives. Through the newly purchased facility, she hopes to create a safe place for all animals to heal and find their forever families.

Vice President

Alyssa Giroux

I’m Danielle's and Shane's sister. I’m a hair stylist by day and an animal rescuer the rest of the time. 

I’ve always believed my true purpose in life was to help animals. One day I decided that I needed to put my words into action, and I started volunteering at a local non profit animal shelter. 

now, I've been in rescue for 7 years. I’m experienced in working with dogs, cats, rabbits, and chickens! Im passionate about rescuing any animal in need, and bringing awareness to animal abuse and exploitation through education and activism.


Being a part of The Runaways Animal Rescue enables me to further put my passions Into action, help my community, and save the lives of animals with a group of people that are equally as passionate as I am. We believe in a world where all living creatures deserve love, compassion, and a chance at life. 

“The love for all living creatures is the most noble attribute for man” - Charles Darwin 


Chief Financial Officer

Genesah Duffy

Genesah proudly served our country for four years as an Interiors Communications Electrician in the United States Navy. While in the Navy she spearheaded operations that resulted in quality assurance functions and designed tracking systems that resulted in 100% accountability of $8.5 million in inventory. She was also a vital member of the Antiterrorism and Force Protection Training Team where she evaluated ship-wide readiness against terrorism and sabotage.


After her time in the Navy Genesah turned her attention to the sky. She took her first Discovery Flight at age 25 and was immediately hooked. She quickly learned many aspects of aviation from aircraft maintenance to management to flight instruction. Her expertise got her featured on an episode of Jay Leno’s Garage where she flew with Jay Leno in California. She currently is the Chief Pilot and Manager of Flight Operations and Training with an aircraft manufacturer here in Tampa. 


Following her long time passion for animals, Genesah joined her childhood friends, Dani and Alyssa, to help build the Runaways Animal Rescue.


Her years of experience in leadership roles and overseeing large working budgets made her a strong asset to the team as Chief Financial Officer. She has expertise in revenue and profit growth, operations management, strategic planning, cost containment, and more. In just eight short months Genesah was able to help generate funds that saved hundreds of animals and helped secure the physical location for the Runaways. She continues to create new strategies to help increase the life-saving impact of animals in our community. 


If you are interested in connecting with Genesah and learning how you can help save animals please email her at



Monte Shane

Growing up as an adopted only child, Shane has always been an animal lover.  As a kid, he had rescue dogs, a racoon and a squirrel.


In 2007 he rescued his first Pitbull.  That pitbull would change his life forever and begin his love and advocacy for the breed.


 After relocating to Atlanta, GA in 2010, he would meet Jason Flatt, founder of Friends To The Forlorn Pitbull Rescue.  Wanting to make a difference and help promote and advocate for Pitbulls, Shane and his wife, Tina became a foster family for Friends To The Forlorn in 2013, where they fostered over 20 dogs, conducted home visits for potential adopters and did meet and greets with potential adopters and their dogs.


In August of 2018, Shane received his results from an Ancestry DNA test that would connect him to two biological sisters, who he would meet, later that month, who still lived near his hometown in Florida.  


In February of 2020, Shane, and his sister Alyssa would be asked by their sister, Dani to be on the board of directors of her new rescue... and here we are!

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