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Ruth Holliday

Born and raised in SC. Joined the military and ended up in CA. Have always had a love of animals. I started feeding a small colony in my neighborhood in CA. Carlos was my first feral.From there, we had several that would come and go.

I divorced and had a job opportunity here in Florida, so I moved here almost 3 years ago. We have several feral here in our neighborhood, that a few of us feed and make shelter for. 

I started fostering here in FL through a friend at work. I absolutely love being a foster mom. To know you've helped facilitate them a home, is bittersweet. I get attached easily and I have a few fails too. My favorite fails are Nidia and Agia. Mama Nidia came to me, very friendly. I took her upstairs and after a month found out she was pregnant. She had 9 babies. At week 2, something terribly went wrong and they all got sick and 8 of the babies died.

Agia is the survivor of the litter. She is such a love. I delivered her, and I remind her when she's complaining. LOL!

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