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The Runaways

Animal Rescue

A 501(c)3 Animal Rescue in Pasco County, FL, our mission is to protect and advocate for all companion animals in need. We do this  through rescue, adoption and spay and neuter services. Additionally, we hope to build a humane community that promotes compassion and kindness, by controlling the overpopulation of these animals through Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR), community outreach services, pet food bank, and education.

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A lot has happened...

We started The Runaways Animal Rescue,  March 2020; Yep, that's right, a month before Florida went on lockdown for COVID-19. Our initial plan was to be a small foster based rescue that would be built on the years of knowledge the Giroux sisters had from volunteering at local rescues. Of course we laugh about how quick that notion lived when 5 fosters turned into 10 fosters, which seemed to turn into 35 overnight. 

Even though the rescue was growing rapidly and feeling the support from the community around us, if someone had asked the question, "Where will the rescue be a year from now?" We would have never imaged the answer would be with us residing in a 7000sqft building, with our name plastered on the front. 

The Facility

The first half of 2021 involved nothing but demolition, paining, cleaning, and frankly more painting. Side note, painting 7000sqft is a feat in its own, but by god, we did it!  Now, a once rundown abandon church has turned into a thriving, life saving animal rescue. A rescue that has saved and adopted out hundreds of animals, this year alone. 

Rescue Capacity

  • 6 Cat Pods:  40 cats

  • Quarantine Room:  20 cats

  • "Welcome Home" Room : 6 cats or 1 dog

  • Dog Kennels : 16 dogs

We also have 6 dog runs  and an outdoor cat enclosure for feral community cats.


We know it takes a village, which is why we have partnered with a few organizations to not only increase our ability to save animals, but that also allows us to give back to an equally good cause in our community. 

Solid Rock Community School

SRCS emphasizes individualized, whole-child development. They are dedicated to providing a challenging educational program that meets the students’ academic, social, physical, and emotional needs

Pasco County Animal services

Being a rescue partner of Pasco County means we get to assist with transferring, caring for and finding homes for several animals, often who start their life off in the most dire situations. 

Solid Rock Community School and Pasco County Rescue Partners

Best Friends Animal Society

Best Friends Animal Society is a leading national animal welfare organization dedicated to ending the killing of dogs and cats in America's shelters. To help Save Them All, Best Friends works with shelters, rescue groups and our members nationwide.

Best Friends Animal Society
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The Runaways Animal Rescue is committed to protecting animals from cruelty and neglect. We focus on pulling animals from euthanasia lists, special needs animals, medical cases but open our hearts to any animal in need. 

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Foster Stories

Since opening our doors, The Runaways Animal Rescue has developed and grown, mostly because of our exceptional foster team. Read their stories. 

Alexandra Shaw

I have always been a huge animal lover, and before I started fostering with The Runaways Animal Rescue. I had been taking in various animals that needed a place to call home.

Alexandra Shaw

Danielle Giroux

My name is Danielle, but most call me Dani, and many know me as Dani the Cat Lady. I have been in animal rescue for the last decade, and specialize in neonatal kitten care, as well as special needs cats.

Danielle Giroux

Monica Kivlen

I have been a vet tech for just over 3 years now and have always wanted to work with animals. I started fostering just just over 2 years ago when a client of ours brought in two kittens.

Monica Kivlen

Nikki Koch

Hi!  I’m Nikki and this is my 6 year old sidekick that is a self proclaimed “kitten trainer”.  I started following The Runaways on social media last year when we were looking for a new kitten to join our family.

Nikki Koch


Ruth Holliday

Ruth Holliday

Born and raised in SC. Joined the military and ended up in CA. Have always had a love of animals. I started feeding a small colony in my neighborhood in CA. Carlos was my first feral.

Deb Guzzetta

I started fostering 10 years ago. I had stopped at a local shelter, and there was a sweet older woman, sitting behind a desk, feeding a baby kitten...with a baby bottle!

Deb Guzzetta

Doug Rusinek

I run a brand called Felinious Hops which focuses on cats and beer. Since developing the brand 5 years ago, my love for cats has really escalated.