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Dogs available for adoption

"I Could Never Foster, I'd Keep Them All!"

This is a common phrase we hear ALL the time.  Also, "I would fall in love and couldn't". While we certainly understand what people mean, fostering is the most loving and selfless thing you could do for an animal. People who foster love each and every animal they care for. However, they also know there are SO many more that need the help. If no one fostered, countless more animal lives would be loss. Letting go is tough but the greatest act of love you can give them and their new family. 

Fostering Saves Lives!

Without people opening up their homes and their hearts to pets in need we would never be able to save as many animals! Our facility has limited capacity and frankly animals do far better in a home setting. When you foster an animal you are making a direct impact in that pets life. You help prepare them for their new home, you help them heal, and you help them feel love again. 

We Provide The Supplies!

  • We will provide all the medically approved care for the pet.

  • We provide food for the animal. 

  • We offer all our fosters donated pet items. We get a lot of items donated from the community.

  • First rights to adopting the animal you foster. 

What You Provide

  • A safe place to stay. 

  • Teach the pet how to be a great family member.

  • Transport to appointments, events, and meet & greets. . 

  • A second chance at life!

Foster Application

The Process

  • Fill out the application.

  • If your application is approved you will receive an email that includes our online foster orientation. 

  • Foster orientation will go over important information and training so you are prepared! We won't leave alone. We got you! 

  • Work with our foster team to find the right pet(s) for you! 

More To Know

  • We foster out cats, dogs, kittens, puppies, bunnies, moms with babies, orphan babies that require bottle feeding, and more! 

  • Can you foster if you have current pets? YES!

  • Can you foster if you have kids? YES!

  • How long does an animal stay in my home? Typically until they can be adopted. On average this is 2 to 10 weeks depending on the animal(s).  Nothing is permanent though!

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