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Meet The Team

Danielle Giroux

President / CEO

Danielle Giroux 

Dani has been dedicated to saving the most vulnerable animal lives in our community for 10+ years. Through her volunteer work at various municipal shelters and non-profit organizations, she discovered her passion in life. To increase her life-saving impact Dani formed the 501c3 nonprofit organization, The Runaways Animal Rescue. 


Chief Financial Officer

Genesah Duffy

Genesah proudly served in the United States Navy. While in the Navy she spearheaded operations in quality assurance functions and designed tracking systems that resulted in 100% accountability of $8.5 million in inventory. After the Navy, she pursued a career in Aviation. She has held roles as an Operations Manager, Sr. Director, Chief Pilot and is currently an Airline Pilot for a Major Airline. Her years of experience in leadership roles and overseeing large working budgets has made her a strong asset to the team as Chief Financial Officer


Shelter Manager 

Larissa Condarcure

After retiring from the United States Army in 2014, Larissa decided to follow her other passion in life animal rescue. She has worked with a wide variety of animals from cats, dogs, raccoons, birds of prey, and other wildlife. In 2017, Larissa helped with relief efforts in Puerto Rico after hurricanes Marie and Irma. There she assisted with the rescue of 170 cats and dogs.  


Volunteer Manager 

Natalie Cervone

Natalie started in rescue at 8 years old working with horses pulled from slaughter auctions and maltreatment cases. After finding Dani the Cat Lady’s instagram, and seeing her amazing work, she started volunteering with the cats and dogs at the facility. Natalie found her second home with The Runaways and makes a difference everyday as the volunteer manager.  


Animal Care Specialist

Hannah Berthiaume

Hannah has been an animal lover her entire life! She started volunteering with The Runaways in July 2022. Since then she has helped with a wide variety of tasks around the facility. Hannah's primary focus is ensuring the dogs and cats have wonderful care and clean spaces to live. She is a Nashville, TN native and moved to Florida in 2021. 


Dog Care Specialist

Michael Bailey

Michael has always had a strong passion for animals. Since he was a child he would always gravitate towards animals anywhere he went. He came to The Runaways in July of 2022. He is responsible in the care of the dogs needs. Since joining the team he found what he wants in a career.


Vice President / Social Media

Alyssa Giroux 

Alyssa has been in rescue for over 12 years. She is experienced with dogs, cats, rabbits, and chickens! She is passionate about rescuing any animal in need and bringing awareness to animal abuse and exploitation through education and activism. 


Secretary / Grants & Partnerships

Erica Grant

Erica is a life-long animal lover and has supported and volunteered at various animal rescues in Florida, and previously New York.  Erica discovered Runaways Animal Rescue on social media in 2021.  She went to the rescue in person to meet Dani and to better understand the work Runaways was doing to save animals.  After that, there was no turning back.  Erica volunteers, fosters, and supports their grant writing efforts to make sure as many animals in need can be rescued.  Erica has worked in the healthcare industry for 29 years and currently has 3 fur babies, Buddy, Sukhi and Pumpkin and one Runaways foster, Papa Elf. 


Foster Manager 

Monica Kivlen

Monica has been a veterinary technician for over 6 years. Her skills and knowledge are crucial to helping animals in the facility and in  foster homes. She has been fostering animals for 5 years and understands the ups and downs and joys fostering can bring. She is the proud mom to 3 dogs and 6 cats.  

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TNVR Manager 

Christina Miller

Christina grew up around animals her whole life! After noticing a large feral cat population in her community she got involved in TNVR. She has developed strong relationships to help people and the colonies. Christina, using her healthcare background, fosters critical and medically needy kittens. She has certificates in TNVR and surrender prevention. 


Shelter Security Manager 


Fozzie has been in charge of shelter security since 2021. He came to The Runaways after his previous owner requested he be euthanized due to medical reasons. He still requires medical care but the rescue ensures he gets treatment everyday. In return Fozzie said he will be sure to run security at the facility. He may be swayed by treats though...

Board of Directors 

If you are interested in joining our board please email

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