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Dog Shelter

Join US!

We promise this isn't a cult.

Or maybe it is... only one way to find out! 

How To Get Started: 

  • Fill out an application

  • You will receive an email from our Volunteer Manager within 2-3 business days if your application is approved. 

  • You will participate in a new volunteer orientation to get a better understanding of the rescue and its needs. (online)

  • You and the volunteer team will discuss ways to help and how you want to volunteer. 

  • Get started volunteering and making a difference! 

The Runaways Animal Rescue mural wall inside our shelter

The minimum age to volunteer is 16 years of age with parent consent. If you would like to volunteer as a family with younger children, please email us! We have opportunities for the whole family. 

We offer group and company volunteer opportunities. Please email us to confirm availability and to plan a time to come!

*We also offer community service hours.*

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