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Meow To Know

  • Scroll through the cats on the page... try not to fall in love with them all...

  • Click on a picture to learn more about them! 

  • Ready to meet? Complete the application and someone will reach out to schedule a time and day. (We are appointment only at this time)

  • Want to meet several of them? Fill out the general application below and list the names of the kitties you want to meet. *Please note some may be in foster homes so additional scheduling may be required. We appreciate your patience!*

Why The Application?

The adoption application helps The Runaways in finding the right match for your family! This also provides us a way to collect contact information in one central location. Since we are "first come, first serve" we can make sure we keep families in order. Lastly, we love the animals in our care and we want to ensure they are going to a good home! 

stop "Kitting" around and

Find your new feline friend

Cat on a Soft Blanket

Not Ready to Commit?

Try Fostering!!

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