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What Love you give away, gets returned...

You have sweet little kittens, you watched them grow, begin to play, purr, etc. then just like that, a new family comes and they are off to start their new lives in their furever homes, but before you can grieve the loss you are asked to accept 6 new littles into your home. The love and times of a kitten foster.

This little kitten (Pan) was the last of his litter to be adopted, a friend of a friend, asked, if I had any kittens available for adoption ... Pan was on my lap at the time, enjoying the snuggletime. I sent off a photo of him, and barn!!

Yes!!! I can't wait to meet him. We set up a meet & greet time for a couple days later ... Would I send more photos? Sure ... The questions/answers back and forth ... Pan was a super sweet snuggler, would cuddle up on my lap, slept with my niece when she visited. The meet and greet went a bit slow, he was acting timid ... someone new. Then he warmed up and came out to play. Of course they adopted him ... l mean who wouldn't?

I had been reading about a situation the Rescue was interested in .. several litters of kittens? Different ages, different size litters, who had room to help. My niece was going back home, and when asked, Yes, I have room for 6 six-week olds. Pan gets adopted around 4:30 and 2 or 3 hours later I am giving 6 very scared kittens a flea bath. This group, are very playful, appear healthy and of course, a joy to have around. Introducing: The City Bunch ... Brooklyn, Cuse, Manhattan, Savannah, Charlotte and Tahoe... You know anyone wanting to adopt a kitten?

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