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Odin, The Miracle Rescue Kitten

Odin is a 3-4 month old kitten who has had to endure more in his early life than most people. In the beginning Odin was found by a Good Samaritan who dropped him off at Pasco County Animal Services (PCAS), after noticing one of his eyes was extremely infected.

He had a upper respiratory infection (URI) which led to the eye not being salvageable. So PCAS quickly acted to remove his bad eye and also neuter him since he was around eight weeks old.

Our rescue heard about him and our rescue owner immediately went to go pick him up. We thought Odin was going to recover well and be able to get adopted within a couple of weeks. That’s when his bad luck started.

Dani, our rescue owner noticed he had a hard time shaking off the anesthesia, used for his surgeries. But eventually he woke and we thought he was going to be fine. That’s when I started to foster him. After a few days in my home he was not acting right and we thought he was developing another uri. So we got him into the vet immediately and that’s when we found out he had pneumonia! Pneumonia in kittens is extremely deadly, so his prognosis was guarded. But if he was willing to fight, so were we.

Odin then spent the next week in an incubator and on oxygen to help him regulate his temperature and help his breathing. With around the clock care we knew he was going to pull through. Odin is a stubborn kitten and we love him for that.

Sadly Odin’s story didn’t end with his recovery from pneumonia. The first week of January he started to gain a lot of weight and his belly became huge. After a couple of days and no relief he went back to the vet. After the vet took a sample of the fluid in his belly we immediately knew it was feline infectious peritonitis (FIP).

We were all immensely sadden to find out our little miracle had a deadly virus. But thankfully animal rescues have been working together to find a trial treatment for FIP and we started Odin’s injections immediately!

Odin is my miracle kitten. I’ve only been fostering for a year, but this little guy is a fighter who has had a lot of bad luck in the beginning of his life. We are hoping the injections work so this spunky, stubborn kitten can live out his life in a home with his own family. But until then he has a family with The Runaways Animal Rescue!

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